Design-a-Bar: Have Fun and Learn Too!

Take a Break- Play a Game- Impress Your Boss

Would you like to take a small break from your workday that’s also SFW (safe for work)? We have a fun and informative way to play with minibar designs (the trays and drawers too!) and get acquainted with what we like to call “The Auto Era”– our solution to the common minibar.

Many properties choose to use traditional manual minibars in their guest rooms, but we have a solution that will save you time and spare you a headache. 

Did we mention that it increases your revenue and lowers your labor costs?

Actually, many hoteliers don’t know what we have to offer. Basically, we are the un-minibar. We don’t believe in hemorrhaging costs, inconveniencing guests, and ensuring bad reviews on Yelp. As a minibar solutions company, we are most interested in what irritates hoteliers, buyers, and designers like you about

Its the “smartest person in the room” dance!

minibars. We like to take your suggestions and turn them into our products. We figure its a win-win.

So, what have we heard from you?

Minibars are too expensive to run. Minibars result in major costs in “lost” products. Guests either hate them or abuse them (ever seen a door ripped off a locked minibar? We have). Does any of this sound familiar? Oh, and how about this one: they’re ugly!

Well, we have a solution for that. All that. Three, in fact.

I want to invite you to take a look at our Auto Era page, and our interactive, take-a-break-to-go-design-crazy, Design-a-Bar page (they don’t have to be ugly!) Learn something new, check out our designs and features before getting in touch with us and be the smartest person in the room about the “minibar question” for the guest rooms. Leave us a comment and let us know what you designed today!