Bartech's FAQ Page

Check our FAQ for answers to common questions about minibars

Hoteliers often have many questions about minibars before choosing one for their property. What about guest charge disputes? How about about when guests remove items from the bar to store their own? What about limiting minibar access to cash-only clients or rooms with young children? And, what about those notoriously high prices for items in the minibars? Questions abound, and for good reason. Its a common experience for hoteliers to have issues about the traditional manual minibar that cause headaches and can result in the dreaded bad review on such sites as Yelp. Not to mention, revenue hemorrhaging with no relief in sight. With so much at stake, we developed a quick guide to help you get started learning about our customizable minibar products designed to solve these problems and more.

In fact, we even have a great video to show you just what we can do, in a short minute and a half!

We have a great FAQ section just for these (very good) questions. You can even reach out to us directly at for any other information. And, don’t forget to have a bit of fun with our interactive Design-a-Bar tool, exclusive to Bartech Systems! Its fun, informative, and you can send us your minibar interest right from the module. Everything from a single or double-door minibar and more are there to explore. And of course, customization is our specialty. Find your model and we can tailor it to fit your room design or other needs.

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