How does Bartech work with your Hotel Operation? Automatically.

Bartech Systems is the most innovative and integrated minibar company in the world- we have a solution for any hotel operation! Whether you need an automatic minibar (and who doesn’t love a system that does the work for you?) or standalone wireless snack tray (that can even be placed in a bathroom and stocked with luxury spa items), Bartech has you covered. Basically, we love solving problems – especially the ones that cost hotel operations time and money.

Often, we get questions about how our automatic system works. Just how do we work our minibar magic? It’s simpler than you may think.

When a client consumes an item from the automatic minibar, the charge is directly posted to the guest’s folio in real time. That’s right; never worry again about minibar charges being posted to the wrong guest. Real-time charging automatically reduces guest disputes at checkout.

Bartech’s revolutionary system also cuts your labor costs down dramatically.

Generally speaking, about one third of your guests will consume a minibar product, but how do you know which ones? With Bartech, you never have to guess or expend labor to check every room. You will know automatically which rooms have any sort of minibar activity and know exactly which products to refill. This means that fewer attendants are required to keep the system running smoothly and guests happy. For a property with 400 rooms, only a single minibar attendant would be needed to service all minibars with guest activity. Some hotels that use Bartech reduce costs even more by having room service servers refill minibars during downtime. Your overhead has never looked so comfortably low.

Awesome – this is truly the Automatic Era!

With products that fit all design and operational needs -plus expert customization capability- the only question to ask now is: When can we start?

Contact us today to discuss our varied models, support options, and how we can bring you into the Automatic Era:

Also, please come and see us at the largest hospitality technology show in the world, HITEC 2017, June 26-29rd in Toronto, Canada! We will be in booth 1420, and can’t wait to show you Bartech’s minibar solutions.

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